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iTunes CPU Redux: lessen iTunes Windows resource use

iTunes CPU Redux is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices to tame the resource usage of Apple's iTunes software on Windows.

Apple's iTunes software is quite the heavyweight on Windows systems. The program installs a lot of services on the system, and may run a number of processes at the same time.

Some of these, for syncing data to Apple devices for instance, may not be needed on some systems. If you don't connect Apple devices to the Windows machine, there is no reason for these services to run in the background.

Sort Bookmarks add-on for Firefox

Sort Bookmarks is a new Firefox add-on that you may use to sort all bookmarks of the browser using the sort options the add-on provides.

Bookmarks in the Firefox web browser are not sorted by default. When you add a bookmark to the browser, it is added to the end of the folder that you have selected.

This means that you will end up with unsorted lists of bookmarks in Firefox unless you manually sort the selection, or use the sort options that the bookmarks manager provides you with.

Note: Mozilla removed auto-sort options that were part of Firefox.

Google Search Lite for Android

Google launched Google Search Lite, a less-heavy version of Google Search for Android in select regions of the world yesterday.

The new application is marked as experimental when installed, so handle it the same way as other beta releases of applications.

Designed to be faster, less hardware hungry and to use less data, Google Search Lite has been designed specifically for regions with unstable or turtle-slow Internet connections.

Kaspersky launches information hungry VPN app for Android

Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service is a new application by Russian security company Kaspersky for the Android mobile operating system.

The application is available as a free and premium version. The free version of the application is good for 200 Megabytes of daily traffic, the premium version removes the restriction, can be used on up to five devices, and lifts geographic restrictions.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Accounts Chrome extension

Windows 10 Accounts is a browser extension by Microsoft for Google Chrome that improves the sign in process in Chrome for supported websites and services.

Google Chrome is the world's most web browser, and the majority of Windows users use Google Chrome and not the Microsoft browser's Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

All-in-One Sidebar Developer announces death of Firefox add-on

The developer of the popular All-in-One Sidebar extension for the Firefox web browser announced the end of life of the Firefox add-on today.

Thunderbird 52.3.0 is out

Mozilla Messaging released Thunderbird 52.3.0 on August 16, 2017 to the release channel and all supported operating systems.

The new version of the popular email client is a bug fix release; means, it fixes issues in the client but does not introduce new features to it or make changes to existing ones. Also, no security updates in the release.

Thunderbird's automatic update feature may not pick up the update right now. You can check for new updates with a click on Help > About Thunderbird.

Captura desktop recording program for Windows

Captura is a free open source desktop recording program for Microsoft Windows that comes with quite a few extra features on top of the core functionality.

There is really no shortage when it comes to desktop recorders for Windows. Windows users can pick from a wide range of free and commercial applications. 

Screen recorders are used for a variety of usage scenarios: from creating demos and instructional videos to recording chats or webcam sessions.

Waterfox 55 news: Android app, continued legacy add-on support

Waterfox 55.0.1 is out and with it come important announcements about the future of the web browser that is based in large parts on Firefox code.

Probably the most interesting bit of news for users of the browser and Firefox users who need continued support for legacy add-ons is that Waterfox will continue to support legacy add-ons.

Opera VPN Gold: subscription-based Opera VPN upgrade

Opera VPN Gold is a new upgrade option for Opera's free Opera VPN application for iOS that improves the service for a cost.

Opera Software acquired the VPN provider SurfEasy some years ago, and started to integrate the company's products into the browser some time afterwards.

First, as a promotion but a year later by integrating the VPN client -- more precise browser proxy -- into Opera directly.

The company launched standalone versions of Opera VPN as well which Android and iOS users could install separately from the Opera web browser.


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