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Microsoft launches Outlook Beta

Microsoft started to roll out an option to test a new beta version of the company's web mail interface yesterday.

The new version of promises to be faster, smarter and more personalized than before.

All users -- in fact, all Microsoft Account customers -- may join the beta and leave it again -- provided that the beta toggle is already visible when they open the Outlook web interface. Microsoft announced that it rolls out access to the beta over time, but did not provide a timeframe for the roll out.

Internet Archive 78 rpm records archive is online

The Great 78 Project is a new project by the Internet Archive to preserve 78 rpm records that has released about 26000 records as of today.

The project will publish a new digitized 78 rpm record every 10 minutes, and announces new publications on the project's official Twitter account. According to the project's homepage, project members have access to more than 200000 records.

Opera 47 Stable improves usability

Opera Software released Opera 47 to the stable release channel on August 9, 2017 after a shorter than usual release cycle.

This shorter release cycle means that less major features are introduced in Opera 47, and that the bulk of improvements fall into the lighter category.

The browser comes with usability improvements first and foremost: new export all bookmarks option, custom number of closed tabs that can be restored, personal newsfeed improvements, and smoother video playback on devices running Windows 7.

Py for Android: learn programming and IT skills

Py is a free application for Google Android devices that teaches you programming and IT skills in an interactive environment.

When you want to learn how to code, you have plenty of options to get started. You can buy a recommended book that teaches you the programming language, access free online courses, or sign up for paid online or local courses instead.

Abandoned Firefox add-ons that break can be fixed but not uploaded to AMO

Firefox 55 and the coming Firefox 56 and 57 releases mark an important point in the history of the browser.

Mozilla plans to switch off the Firefox legacy add-on system in Firefox 57 for the bulk of the user base -- those on Stable and Beta versions -- and along with the change come changes to the browser that render some legacy add-ons incompatible already in Firefox 55 and newer.

Microsoft Security Updates August 2017 release

Microsoft released security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and other company products on August 8, 2017.

This guide provides you with detailed information on these updates. It lists the products that are affected by vulnerabilities, and starts with an Executive Summary that highlights the most important bits of information.

The operating system and other Microsoft product distribution listing follows which highlights how Windows Client and Server products and other company products are affected this month,

GNU/Linux apps for communication you didn’t know you needed

One of the things that people like to hate on about GNU/Linux is that a lot of programs and applications are not compatible with it.

And it’s true, as a long-time user there have been many times I have said to myself, “Oh, I need X!” but then have found out that X is not compatible, and had to use some other alternative.

Thankfully, GNU/Linux also has some AWESOME apps of it’s own! Now granted, not ALL of the apps listed in this article are exclusive to GNU/Linux, but at the very least they are definitely handy for a GNU/Linux user to have!

Firefox: your options to run legacy add-ons

The following guide lists all options that you have to continue running so-called legacy add-ons when Firefox 57 is released in November.

Mozilla plans to disable the legacy add-on system in Firefox 57 Stable. This means that any extension for Firefox that is not a WebExtension, the new format that Mozilla focuses on, will stop working in Firefox 57.

Many add-ons that are available for Firefox right now will stop working. New extensions are created, but it is fair to say that WebExtensions will never be as powerful as Firefox's legacy add-on system.

Turn Wi-Fi back on automatically on Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a new feature in the Windows 10 Creators Update that gives users an option to turn Wi-Fi back on automatically after a set period of time.

It may sometimes be useful to turn off Wi-Fi on a device. Maybe you want to work without being interrupted by constant Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pings, or want to turn off Wi-Fi to extend battery life somewhat.

Sys Minion: run Windows system commands

Sys Minion is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that provides you with access to complex system commands that you can run from its interface.

The Windows operating system comes with a set of tools that administrators use on a regular basis. These tools are operated from the command line usually, and they come with a lot of switches on top of that.

While you can run these tools from the command line, or create your own batch files for easier access, you may also use the free Sys Minion tool for that.


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