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A Look at Gentoo based distribution Sabayon

So, I’ve mentioned in a previous article that I have been known to distrohop (read: change distributions often) and I decided that I wanted to try something different; again.

I’ve used Sabayon many years ago, probably around eight, and so I thought perhaps it was time to revisit it and see how it goes.

What is Sabayon?

Sabayon Desktop

Firefox 55.0: find out what is new

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 has been released by Mozilla. The official release date of Firefox 55.0 is August 8, 2017. The new version of the web browser is already available, and will be offered on August 8 to existing users of the web browser provided that they have turned updates on.

Firefox 55.0 breaks compatibility with older versions of the browser and Firefox ESR. Users who want to downgrade are advised to back up their profiles prior to installing the update.

LogFusion: free realtime log monitoring for Windows

LogFusion is a free and professional realtime log monitoring software for Microsoft Windows designed specifically for administrators and developers.

Most client and server operating systems, and many services, and programs create log files. Windows creates log files for a lot of events for instance, and web servers for instance for hits and errors.

Most logs are stored as plain text files that may be opened in any program supporting these standard file types.

Openmailbox Alternatives after owner change

Openmailbox, a popular cloud storage and email service provider, began to update its service a couple of days ago which led to a two-day long outage.

After the site went back up, users of the service noticed that ownership changed hand, and that the new owners of the service made a drastic change to the service.

Update: ownership did not change, the owner of the service changed it from a non-profit organization to a Limited.

A look at OpenSUSE based Gecko Linux

I decided on a spur of the moment whim that I wanted to try out a distribution I had never touched before.

I’ve tried countless systems over the years, from the typical Ubuntu and Debian based systems, to Arch based systems like Manjaro, even Gentoo based systems like Sabayon.

However, I was thinking about it and OpenSUSE used to be one of my favourite distributions to use but I’ve never actually sat down and tried a respin of an OpenSUSE based system; so I started digging around into what some popular ones were...And Gecko Linux caught my eye.

Display all timezones with TimeZonesView

TimeZonesView is a free portable program for Microsoft's Windows operating system by Nirsoft that lists information about all timezones.

The program is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 version. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, and can be run right after you have downloaded its package and extracted it to the local system.

Since it is a portable program, you may run it from any location including USB Flash drives.

Update on NoScript’s WebExtensions migration

The author of the Firefox security add-on NoScript, Giorgio Maone, answered questions about the WebExtensions migration of the NoScript add-on recently.

NoScript is my number one must have add-on for the Firefox web browser; in fact, it is one of the few things that keeps me from switching my main web browser as it cannot be realized in other browsers (non-Firefox based that is).

SecuritySoftView: list registered security programs on Windows

SecuritySoftView by Nirsoft is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that lists registered security software when run.

Security software that you install on a Windows machine can register with Security and Maintenance of the operating system. Security and Maintenance, formerly known as Action Center and Security Center, monitors firewalls, antivirus software and anti-spyware software among other things on machines running Windows to make sure these components work properly.

The Man Command in GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux is powerful. GNU/Linux is mighty. GNU/Linux can be confusing…

One of the things that terrifies most people about GNU/Linux is the command line. Granted, most users can get away with never touching a terminal window nowadays on most modern distributions, but when a lot of people think of GNU/Linux they instantly picture a command line interface of scrolling text and gibberish code.

Thankfully, learning to actually use the command line is not quite as daunting as one might assume, especially with the help of something known as the Man Pages.

BiglyBT, new Vuze-based torrent client without ads

BiglyBT is a new cross-platform open source torrent client that can be best described as a fork of Vuze / Azureus that is ad-free and without other pasted on features.

The first version of BiglyBT is pretty similar to Vuze right now, but the developers have big plans for the torrent client.

It is developed by two long-standing Azureus and Vuze developers, who have worked on the client for a long time.


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