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How to enable legacy extensions in Firefox 57

If you are using Firefox Nightly right now, you may have noticed that the latest update of the web browser disabled all legacy add-ons.

Firefox Nightly is the first version of the Firefox web browser that hit version 57, the version of Firefox that drops support for so-called legacy add-ons in favor of WebExtensions.

Nightly is the cutting edge version of the Firefox browser. Development lands in Nightly first, is then moved to Beta before it lands in the release versions.

How to enable or disable Firefox’s new Screenshot tool

If your Firefox browser updated to version 55.0 recently, you may have noticed the new "Page Shot" icon in the browser's toolbar.

This icon powers the native screenshot capturing functionality of Firefox. It is being rolled out to users gradually which means that you may not see the icon yet in the browser's toolbar.

This does not mean however that the Firefox screenshot tool is not already available, as you may enable it in the browser to make use of it. Firefox users who see it already but have no use for it may disable it on the other hand.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Microsoft announced Windows 10 Pro for Workstations today, a new edition of the company's Windows 10 operating system aimed at high-end tasks and applications.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations comes with a set of new features and expanded hardware support.

Improve your English Pronunciation with ELSA Speak for Android

ELSA Speak: Reduce your accent is a free application for Android (and iOS) that assists you in improving your English pronunciation.

ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant coaches non-native speakers in improving their (American) English.

The app is free to try but limited. The first two lessons of each training group are free, the remaining ones are unlocked when you subscribe. A free 7-day trial is available that unlocks all lessons during that time period. Pro accounts are available for €31,99 yearly, €9,49 quarterly, or €4,19 monthly.

Win10Clean: Windows 10 System Tweaker

Win10Clean is an open source program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that provides you with quick access to common tweaks and options to remove installed Windows apps and programs.

The program comes with functionality that you find in many Windows 10 privacy applications as well, but it has not been designed specifically for that purpose by its developer.

In fact, Win10Clean is rather limited in regards to the tweaks that you can make when you run it.

Microsoft appeases Kaspersky with upcoming antivirus changes

Microsoft plans to introduces changes in the soon-to-be released Windows 10 Fall Creators update that intensifies the cooperation with third-party antivirus and security companies that publish products for Windows.

Russian antivirus and security company Kaspersky criticized Microsoft's handling of third-party antivirus in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.

A look at Albert Launcher for GNU/Linux

There are many different tools and applications to help enhance speed and productivity in GNU/Linux.

One of the greatest things about the operating system is its flexibility; granted it can sometimes come with a cost of complexity – Thankfully Albert is simple to install and even easier to use!

Manage Windows 10 Search Indexing

Windows Search can cause high load situations on Windows 10 machines -- and on previous versions of Windows as well -- especially when search indexing runs.

Basically, what search indexing does is scan all folders that are configured for indexation on the Windows device to add, change and remove the index to take into account file changes in those locations.

My Device: the best system information app for Android?

My Device is a free application for Google's Android operating system that displays all there is to know about an Android device in its interface.

Knowing which features your Android device supports and which it does not, can be quite important. The lack of features may explain why you cannot use applications that require certain features for instance, or why you are running out of space constantly.

Update: The most recent version of the application comes with advertisement. We have updated the review to reflect that.

Vivaldi 1.11 improves accessibility features

Vivaldi Technologies released Vivaldi 1.11, a new version of the web browser to the public on August 10, 2017.

The new version of the web browser introduces new and improved accessibility features to the user base.

Among the highlights are options to control animations on sites that you visit in the browser, Reader Mode improvements, and a new option to adjust the mouse gesture sensitivity.


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