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Quantum, an introduction to Quantum Mechanics for Android

Quantum is a free application for Google's Android operating system that teaches you the basics of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics deals with the so-called microworld and the objects -- atoms or particles for instance -- that it contains.

If you like to know more about it, for instance because you are interested in physics or science, or just want some bragging rights when the next Big Bang Theory episode airs, Quantum may be a good way to start.

Windows 10 Build 16257: fixes Edge annoyance, introduces Eye Control

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 16257, a new preview build of the upcoming Fall Creators Update for Windows 10, yesterday evening.

The new version introduces a new Eye Control feature, designed to improve accessibility by adding options to control Windows with eye movement, Microsoft Edge improvements, a color overhaul for the Windows Console, input and Windows Defender Application Guard improvements, and bug fixes.

You cannot downgrade Firefox 55 profiles

If you have upgraded a version of Firefox to version 55 or newer, you won't be able to downgrade that version of the browser later on to an older version.

While Mozilla never really supported downgrades of the browser before, it was usually no problem to downgrade a particular version of the Firefox browser.

There are two main use cases where this happens: first, when a release version of Firefox causes issues, and when users use the same profile on different versions of the browser.

Google pulls Chrome Web Developer extension over ad-injecting

Google just pulled another Chrome extension from the official Chrome web store after it found out that the extension started to inject advertisement into sites user visited in the web browser.

A 404 not found error is displayed when you open the Chrome web store presence of the Web Developer extension right now.

The extension had a rating of 4.5 stars (out of five), and more than 3000 user ratings before it was pulled from the store.

Windows 10 Version 1703 KB4032188 Cumulative Update

Microsoft released KB4032188 today, a new cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1703, the Creators Update version of the Windows 10 operating system.

The cumulative update is already distributed through Windows Update, and also available as a standalone download at the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

A look at Stacer system optimizer for GNU/Linux

There are countless tools that claim to optimize your Windows system, but not nearly as many for GNU/Linux. Now, many GNU/Linux power users will likely say something like, "If you're using Linux you should be able to do all of these things on your own anyway, try using commands like X or Y," however, with popularity in GNU/Linux growing, there are likely many users out there with less experience who could make use of software like this. That's where Stacer comes into play.

Keep track of Android app updates with Changes

Changes is a free application for Android devices that makes it easier to keep track of application updates and changelogs.

Google Play is the default store for Android applications. It is installed on may devices by default, and will also update applications automatically when updates become available.

This happens over Wi-Fi only by default, but means that Android users get the same convenient but problematic updating experience that they get when they install extensions in Google Chrome.

Artpip: daily new fine art wallpaper app for Windows (and Mac)

Artpip is a free program for Windows and Mac devices that changes the desktop wallpaper of the operating system once per day to a fine art painting.

The free version of the application is pretty straightforward in terms of use. Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your Windows machine -- I did not test the Mac version -- it will download a new fine art wallpaper each day and make it the desktop background on the device.

Firefox tabs Pause toggle for HTML5 media

Play/Pause is a useful browser extension for the Firefox web browser that adds a pause option to Firefox tabs that have HTML5 media playing in them.

Firefox, like most modern browsers, displays an option in its tab bar to mute audio that plays in a tab in the browser. That's quite handy on its own, but activating mute does not block playback on the site.

Not a big problem if you are listening to Internet Radio, but if you want to listen to something from the beginning to the end, you end up having to rewind to continue playback at the position that you activated mute on.

Control Animations in Vivaldi

Vivaldi Software is working hard on the next version of the popular web browser, Vivaldi 1.11. The company pushes out development builds regularly that enthusiasts can install to get a glimpse at features before they are released in stable versions of the browser.


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