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macOS 15 Sequoia announced with Window Tiling, iPhone Mirroring, Passwords app and more

Apple has announced the next version of macOS. Here are the best features in macOS 15 Sequoia.

What's new in macOS 15 Sequoia

Continuity - iPhone Mirroring

The Continuity feature in macOS 15 now lets you view your iPhone screen on your Mac. Apple calls this iPhone Mirroring. You can use your Mac's trackpad or mouse, keyboard, to interact with all apps and notifications on your iPhone. As for your phone, it stays locked even when you access it via your Mac.

The Windows Security Updates of June 2024 are now available

The June 2024 security updates for Windows are now available. Microsoft released security updates for other company products as well on the June 2024 Patch Tuesday.

Our overview provides system administrators and home users with actionable information. It lists known issues for each operating system, links to support pages and other resources, and lists the main changes of each of the updates.

Firefox 127 out with DNS Prefetching, security updates, and more

Mozilla has released a new stable version of the organizations' Firefox web browser. Firefox 127.0 introduces several new features and important security fixes. It may also break media playback on certain sites.

All Firefox editions are updated as well to the following versions:

  • Firefox 127 for Android
  • Firefox ESR 115.12
  • Firefox 128 Beta
  • Firefox 128 Dev
  • Firefox 129 Nightly

Executive Summary

Windows 11 is getting a native profile picture editor

Microsoft is working on integrating a new profile picture editor in its Windows 11 operating system. This editor helps users change and edit the profile icon of a user account.

The feature was introduced in Windows 11 build 26231, but it is disabled by default. Interested testers may enable it with the help of the ViVeTool.

Here, they need to run the command vivetool /enable /id:45189370,47364920 to enable the functionality.

Once done, the new option becomes available under Settings > Your Info.

How to Stop Automatic Google Chrome Updates on Windows

Google Chrome Updates are configured to run automatically on non-managed Windows devices. This guide provides step by step instructions to disable automatic updates of Google Chrome.

Most web browsers are configured to update automatically. This happens in the background. While that can be a good thing, especially for security, it can also slow down the start of the system. Some users may also want full control over the updating process.

Mozilla is investigating huge Telemetry performance issues in Firefox for Android

Mozilla, maker of the open source Firefox web browser, has launched an investigation to analyze the impact of Telemetry on the browser's performance on Android.

According to the initial report, Telemetry is causing huge overhead in Firefox for Android. This impacts the loading of websites, but also the browser's startup.