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All you need to know about Google’s Account History feature

Most online companies make available privacy related settings that their customers can modify to their liking. The default settings are often less than optimal and making sure that everything is set up properly is one of the first things that you should do.

In fact, it is also important to check those settings regularly just to make sure nothing has changed.

Mozilla plans to release Electrolysis (multi-process architecture) with Firefox 36

Electrolysis (e10s) is one of the core improvements for Firefox that Mozilla is currently working on. The feature adds so-called multi-process support to Firefox in a way similar to how Chromium-based browsers make use of it already.

A multi-process architecture that separates the browser's core from open websites and plugin contents improves not only the stability of the browser but also the security of it.

This should not be confused with sandboxing though even though Electrolysis is the gateway to make that happen later on.

Microsoft’s Climatology app for Android displays historic weather information

If there is a niche on mobile devices that is flooded with apps it is the weather niche. There are so many weather apps available that it would take weeks to test them all.

And if you are thinking of launching a weather app to one of the stores, you better make sure that it offers something that other apps don't offer.

The service on the Web does that for instance, and Microsoft's Climatology app for Android aims in that direction as well.

Hide plugins, visited links and WebRTC from websites in Firefox

Whenever you connect to a website using any browser, the site receives a variety of information automatically. While not all sites process the information or record them, some may very well use them for tracking and other purposes.

Web services such as the EFF's Panopticlick highlight the information that websites may retrieve while you are connecting to them.

This may include the operating system and web browser, screen size, system fonts or which plugins are available.

PC Hunter displays low-level Windows system information

When you are tasked with analyzing a issue in detail on a PC running Windows, a malware attack for example, it is often necessary to look beyond the obvious and use tools that provide you with a detailed low-level view of what is going on.

While some recommend to start clean by formatting the PC and installing Windows anew, if you want to analyze what happened, you need specialized tools for that purpose.

This is, my domain monitoring (and more) service

As a webmaster, I know that it is crucial to keep an eye on your websites at all times. When they go down, you lose business, reputation and maybe even rankings in search engines if the downtime is too long.

That's all bad and every minute that can be shaved off the downtime is important.

That's were domain monitoring comes in. Since you cannot possibly monitor your domains 24/7 on your own, you need automation to help you deal with that.

FossaMail is an optimized version of Thunderbird for Windows by the Pale Moon author

I prefer desktop mail programs over cloud-based web mail services for a variety of reasons. Mozilla Thunderbird has been my preferred desktop email client for many years.

I consider it one of the best clients in this regard even though Mozilla more or less decided to put it on life support. While most see this as a bad thing, it does not necessarily have to be, considering that there is not much that you can add to an email client in terms of functionality once you have the basics covered.

Chrome: changes coming to the browser’s offline cache mode

Google Chrome, Chromium and other Chromium-based browsers have supported an offline cache mode for a while now. The feature, hidden behind an experimental flag on the browser's chrome://flags page, made resources available from cache if they'd become unavailable.

Verify files in two directories with Checksum Compare

It can sometimes be important, or even a requirement, to verify that files in two different folders are identical. This can for instance be the case to verify that files were backed up correctly and without issues to another location, or to make sure that development and productive environment files are identical.

While you can perform these checks manually, it is only practicable for a small number of files.

Selling a smartphone may leak private information: what you need to do

If you are a regular here on ComTek you know that one needs to be careful when it comes to giving away or selling old devices that were used for storage (read used hard drives still haven for identity theft from 2008 for example)

This can be an external hard drive, an old PC or laptop, or a smartphone. As long as there is permanent storage, there is the chance that data may be recovered even if you have deleted it or used a reset option to restore a factory state.


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