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Microsoft Edge full policy list

The following guide provides you with information about all Microsoft Edge policies up to the release of Windows 10's Anniversary Update in Summer 2016.

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10. Most who used it agree that it works better than Internet Explorer in many regards, but also see quite a few issues of which some will be resolved with this Summer's Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Policies are designed to manage Microsoft Edge, and here in particular in business environments and the enterprise.

Firefox 49 will ship with multi-process architecture

Mozilla plans to make Firefox 49 the first stable version of the web browser in which the browser's new multi-process architecture Electrolysis (E10S) is enabled by default for a major part of the browser's userbase.

It seems that the never ending story of making Firefox a multi-process browser will soon come to an end, as plans are underway to deliver the feature to the stable version of the browser with the coming two releases.

Gifster, create gif screen captures on Windows

Gifster is a free program for the Windows operating system that enables you to capture part of the screen and save the captured data as a gif animation file or a simple screenshot.

Animated gifs are highly popular on the Internet, especially on entertainment sites but also user forums. On some sites, they appear to be posted by the thousands each day.

The main appeal of the format is that gifs can be embedded on websites just like images.

Firefox 47: Find out what is new

Firefox 47 has been released on June 7th, 2016 to the stable channel. Firefox users can upgrade to the new version using the update functionality of the browser, or by downloading Firefox 47 from the Mozilla website.

All Firefox channels that Mozilla maintains are updated on the same schedule which means that Firefox ESR, Beta, Developer and Nightly editions are also updated today.

Firefox Stable is updated to version 47.0, Firefox Beta to 48.0, Firefox Developer Edition to 49.0, and Firefox Nightly to 50.0.

Memory History Tool for Windows

Memory History Tool is a free memory monitor for the Windows operating system that provides you with real-time and historic information about a device's memory use.

While desktop memory is cheaper than ever nowadays, considering that you can get 16 Gigabytes of RAM for less than $50, it is still something that is of major concern to many computer users.

Reasons for this are manifold, from running systems with low memory over devices with fixed amounts of memory, to going crazy if half the memory is used up by the operating system even though plenty is still available.

Battery Aid for Android

Battery Aid is a free application for devices running the Android operating system designed to improve battery life in various ways.

Battery life is an important factor when it comes to mobile devices, considering that you may not make it throughout the day or night without recharging a device if its manufacturer shipped it with a weak battery.

YouTube Plus for Firefox and Chrome

YouTube Plus is a free add-on for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser that provides you with dozens of configuration options to improve your YouTube experience.

Additionally, it is also available as a userscript for you to install in other web browsers that support these scripts.

If you spend enough time on YouTube watching videos, you may have encountered your fair share of issues on the site.

Chrome Font Rendering: Google removes DirectWrite flag

Google dropped Chrome support for several older operating systems, including Windows XP and Vista, in April 2016.

The company started to remove code from Chromium, the open source foundation of the Chrome browser, to reflect the change in support and to simply the browser's code base by concentrating solely on Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows.

TeamViewer rolls out two new protective features

TeamViewer announced yesterday that it has started to roll out two new protective features for the popular remote desktop software.

There has been lots of talk about TeamViewer's recent service outage and the increase in reports on various Internet sites that customer accounts were hacked.

Facebook Mobile: Your conversations are moving to Messenger

You have multiple ways to use Facebook's chat functionality if you are using a mobile device. You can install the official Messenger application if provided for the operating system your device is using, or use Facebook's mobile website directly for that.


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