Find duplicate photos with Find.Same.Images.OK for Windows

Find.Same.Images.OK is a free portable software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to find duplicate photos (and any other image dupes) quickly.

Unless you are very careful when it comes to download images or transferring images from digital cameras, smartphones and other devices, you will end up with duplicate images eventually.

Sometimes, that is desired, e.g. for backup purposes. At other times, it may cause issues such as lower than expected free disk space on drives or productivity issues when it comes to finding photos.

Find.Same.Images.OK is a duplicate image finder for Windows. It falls in the same category of applications such as Double File Scanner, AllDup, VisiPics, or AntiDupl which may also be used to find dupes and deal with them.


You can run Find.Same.Images.OK after you have extracted the archive it is supplied as. The program's interface looks convoluted; it is set up by default to scan then entire c: drive for duplicate images.

A click on the browse button or the add button provides an option to scan custom and multiple locations. You could run a scan on drive c: and d:, or two different folders on a single drive.

The scan time depends largely on the size of the folder, the structure, and the performance of the PC system. A scan of c: may take quite a bit of time on its own but if you add another drive to it, it will extend that time even further.

Scan options may extend the scanning time further; you may include checks for rotated, flipped or negative images, and change the default "performance & quality balance" setting to "quality" or "performance" only.

Find.Same.Images.OK displays hits in the interface and displays a preview of the selected match pair to add a visual component to the process.

Each pair is listed with its full path, size, similarity and ratio information. Similarity defines how similar a pair of images is; you may use filters to limit the list of results. The default filter displays all image pairs that are at least 90% similar.

Images may not be 100% duplicates if they have a different size or format among other things. The application uses an algorithm to determine similarity by creating graphic signatures; this algorithm finds duplicates if images are rotated, mirrored, or altered in other ways.

You can deal with duplicate photos on a case-by-case basis or have the program process all duplicates in one swift operation; it is recommended to go through the listing to make sure that there are not any false positives.

Duplicates may be moved or copied, or put in the Recycle Bin. Find.Same.Images.OK may pick the better image for you

Closing Words and Verdict

Find.Same.Images.OK is a powerful tool for Windows to find duplicate photos and other images. It does not just check whether images are 100% dupes but finds images that are similar to a certain degree as well.

Now You: Do you use programs to find duplicate files?


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