Canonical Looking for user input on software selection for Ubuntu

Canonical's Ubuntu Linux distribution is one of the, if not THE, most popular distributions of any GNU/Linux systems available; and now the company is looking for input from the masses on what software should be included in Ubuntu 18.04.

The next long-term support release of the popular GNU/Linux operating system from Canonical is scheduled for April 2018, and will feature a number of changes; most notable is the switch from the Unity desktop environment and the return to GNOME.

However, Dustin Kirkland, product manager for the Ubuntu Linux distribution wrote in a blog post,  (( "We’re looking to crowdsource input on your favorite Linux applications across a broad set of classic desktop functionality."

ubuntu default apps

Kirkland went on to say, "We invite you to contribute by listing the applications you find most useful in Linux in order of preference. To help us parse your input, please copy and paste the following bullets with your preferred apps in Linux desktop environments. You’re welcome to suggest multiple apps, please just order them prioritized (e.g. Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium).

If some of your functionality has moved entirely to the web, please note that too (e.g. Email Client: Gmail web, Office Suite: Office360 web). If the software isn’t free/open source, please note that (e.g. Music Player: Spotify client non-free).

If I’ve missed a category, please add it in the same format. If your favorites aren’t packaged for Ubuntu yet, please let us know, as we’re creating hundreds of new snap packages for Ubuntu desktop applications, and we’re keen to learn what key snaps we’re missing."

The bullet list is as follows:

  • Web Browser:
  • Email Client:
  • Terminal:
  • IDE:
  • File manager:
  • Basic Text Editor:
  • IRC/Messaging Client:
  • PDF Reader:
  • Office Suite:
  • Calendar:
  • Video Player:
  • Music Player:
  • Photo Viewer:
  • Screen recording:

So, just as with the LibreOffice mascot design contest, the public once again has the chance to shape the face of a major product in the GNU/Linux world. If you have ever installed a GNU/Linux distribution and been unhappy about the standard applications chosen; this is your opportunity!

As well, there are many pieces of software out there that many people may not have heard of that could potentially serve better than their more popular counterparts, and this is a great opportunity for light to shine on these products.

Kirkland ended his post by saying, "In the interest of opening this survey as widely as possible, we’ve cross-posted this thread to HackerNews, Reddit, and Slashdot. We very much look forward to another friendly, energetic, collaborative discussion.

Or, you can fill out the survey here:"

So, to give your input you can either post a comment on the three above mentioned websites, or you can fill out the survey!

Now You: What applications / programs would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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