Play movies backwards with Video Time Reversal

Video Time Reversal 2 is a specialized video conversion program for the Windows operating system that enables you to convert video files so that they run backwards.

From Led Zeppelin to the Beatles and Eminem, big artists seem to have a thing for adding secret messages to their songs, and if you are a fan of an artist, you may want to discover those by playing songs or videos backwards.

No matter if you want to check out if your favorite movies or music videos have hidden messages, or if you just want to see what happens when you play a video backwards, Video Time Reversal 2 is the program for the job.

Video Time Reversal

The program is portable and can be run from any location once it has been downloaded and unpacked.

video time reversal

Simply load a video using the open button, and hit the reverse button afterwards to start the conversion.

Video Time Reversal uses ffmpeg which means that it supports a wide variety of video formats that you can load into the program to create a copy of them that plays from end to beginning.

You may want to hit the options once to make sure everything is set to your satisfaction. There you may change a handful of options including the output format for the reversed video file (avi by default), and whether you want the sound reversed as well or not (default is reversed sound).

You can change the output format to make Video Time Reversal use the same as the input format. This should work well most of the time but if you run into issues, try using one of the other suggested formats instead to see if it resolves those issues.

The conversion should not take too long and the new reversed file is placed in a directory of your choice once the process completes.

From there it is just a matter of playing the newly created video file in a media player of your choosing.

Want some suggestions to get started? Eminem's My Name Is sounds really nice and has a secret message. Other songs you may want to try are Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin, Empty Spaces by Pink Floyd, or Hotel California by The Eagles.

Closing Words

Reversed videos or songs don't sound good most of the time, but some artists may surprise you. More often than not, there is no secret message to discover, but you may have fun watching videos in reverse nevertheless.


This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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