Jukedeck: Create unique music for your videos

Jukedeck is a new online service that provides you with the means to create music for your videos in a near effortless way as you don't need to be a composer or even knowledgeable about music at all to use the service.

Videos are everywhere and are consumed regularly in offices, schools, at home and even while on the go by a large part of the Internet's userbase.

Any smartphone, tablet or computer user can record videos using built-in or readily available tools, and upload them to services such as YouTube, Facebook or other destinations on the Internet that support video uploads.

Music by may an essential part of a video depending on its type. While it plays no or little role in commentary or news-type of videos, it is essential for other types of videos such as animated videos.


It can be difficult to pick the right piece for a video, not only because you need to make sure that you don't run into any copyright troubles, but also because it needs to fit the playtime of the video.

Jukedeck is a new online service that takes care of that for you. Basically, it is a point and click type of toolbox to create music for videos.

The service provides you with the following options during setup:

  • Set the play duration for the music in minutes and seconds. This enables you to make it exactly the playtime of the video. The upper limit appears to be 5 minutes.
  • Pick one of the following genres: folk, rock, electronic or ambient.
  • Pick a mood based on genre: uplifting, dark, angry, melancholic, corporate, chilled, aggressive, meditating, sparse or sci-fi.

You may also modify the instruments used depending on genre. For rock, you may pick vintage or modern, while electronic offers uplifting, corporate, chilled or aggressive.

Last but not least, you may change the tempo from medium to slow, fast or an exact bpm before you hit the create track button.

You can play any music created this way on the site and download it to your device.

A free Jukedeck account is good for 5 tracks per months. Users may increase the limit by one per friend that they invite to the service.

A royalty-free licence for commercial or non-commercial use by an individual or a business with fewer than 10 employees.

The first paid plan is for businesses with ten or more employees. It uses the same license but Jukedeck requests $21.99 per song. There is also an option to purchase a song's copyright for $199.

The music that gets created is quite versatile and good. It is all instrumental though so keep that in mind.

All in all, a great way to create music for some of your videos quickly. The free plan may not be enough for most YouTube creators who upload videos regularly to the site, but its quite an excellent option for the occasional creator.

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This article was first seen on ComTek's "TekBits" Technology News


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