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Online Family Safety


Most children use computers and the Internet for school-work as well as a social tool for chatting with their friends, playing games and listening to music. Although it is a beneficial tool there are also risks attached, like exposure to unsuitable websites or virus threats.

There is action that you can take to keep your computer and children safe from potential risks, and this is where parental control comes in. This is a way to restrict and control Internet access so that certain types of websites can't be viewed, you can block specific games or programmes and you can control the times of the day that the Internet is viewed, if you wanted to.


Our service includes

  • Advice on suitable software to keep your family safe.
  • Setting individual profiles on your PC, with separate settings for each child.
  • Configuring your PC to protect your children whilst using social networking sites.
  • Setting time restrictions for when the Internet can be used.
  • Showing you how to monitor what your children have been up to.
  • Explaining how to access reports and change the settings from a different PC.

For a FREE AVG guide to teaching your children to be safe online, click here.



Our Online Family Safety service is charged at our hourly rate of $125. This is prorated in 15 Min increments after the minimum  1 hour charge which is dependent on whether the service is offered on-site, off-site or remotely.

We also offer Student and Senior discounts!

Although there are many FREE filter services available, there may be additional charge for any software that may be required.

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