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April 2015

Would you use Microsoft Edge if it supported your favorite extensions


Microsoft Spartan Edge is a browser in-development that will ship with Windows 10 later this year. In fact, it will replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser on the system.


AntiAdware blocks download wrappers and adware on popular websites


Depending on where you download your software from, you may get nasty surprises in form of adware with it.


This is done to increase revenue for the site's parent company at the expense of users visiting it.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 10074 brings back Aero Glass


Microsoft pushed the curtain away and revealed new information about its upcoming operating system Windows 10 yesterday on the first day of the BUILD 2015 conference.


Microsoft: Android and iOS apps, Edge, Win32 programs in store


Microsoft kicked off this year's BUILD conference with a bang as it made several interesting announcements today.


For starters, the company revealed the name for the new web browser which it called Spartan up until now.

Caddy is a 3MB web server for your home computer


Caddy is a powerful web server for home computers that takes less than a minute to setup and requires no deeper knowledge of webmaster or administrative services and technologies.


Password Alert: official Google Chrome extension to protect against phishing


Google has just released Password Alert, a browser extension for the company's Chrome browser that helps protect against phishing attacks targeting Google accounts.


How to make Thunderbird’s Quick Filter settings permanent


Thunderbird's Quick Filter toolbar displays options to filter all messages of the current email folder in certain ways.


Unlimited Pinterest browsing without registration


Ken Saunders from Access Firefox just mailed me a tip on how to browse Pinterest without registration.



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