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Factory Re-install / Refresh


Does your PC or handheld device need revitalising as it is worn out and slow? Do you want to give it a new lease of life? We can help by re-installing or reseting your PC or device to how it was the day you purchased it.


Our service includes

  • Advice on backing up your data prior to re-installation.
  • Re-installation of the operating system on any PC, MAC or handheld device.
  • Re-installation of any drivers/software necessary to operate hardware.
  • The installation of ALL Windows Updates.
  • Installation of any other required software. Including making sure an antivirus is installed.
  • Restoration of any data that was previously backed up.




Our Factory Re-install / Refresh service is charged at our hourly rate of $125. This is prorated in 15 Min increments after the minimum  1 hour charge which is dependent on whether the service is offered on-site or off-site on our bench.

We also offer Student and Senior discounts!

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