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Data Backup


Have you ever deleted an important document from your PC by mistake? Maybe your PC suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason? Unless this has happened to you, you probably haven't realised how important backing up your data is.

To provide that extra protection for your important documents, we believe data backup is something everyone should do on a regular basis.

It's not a matter of, if your hard drive will fail, it's a matter of when....


Our service includes

  • Advice on a simple and cost effective way to backup your data.
  • The supply and installation of any necessary equipment or software, if required.
  • Guidance on how (and how often) to backup your data.



Our Data Backup service is charged at our hourly rate of $125. This is prorated in 15 Min increments after the minimum  1 hour charge which is dependent on whether the service is offered on-site, off-site or remotely.

We also offer Student and Senior discounts!

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